Sunday, 14 January 2018

The ending is near….

Yes, I can see the pile of instruments getting lower and lower. Taka is working like an over active bumble bee on the flutes and Masaru with his head down concentrating on the enormous stack of saxophones all around his bench. Daddy has been looking after the brass instruments repairs and maintenance and a few saxophones. He leaves the woodwind instruments to the experts…(Masaru and Taka). Yasu has been busy cleaning flutes and saxophones.

This was the first full week back in the shops since before Christmas. The work and heat are getting to everybody. Front doors and back doors are wide open with only a little breeze coming through. Between 2 and 4 seems to be the worst time for the boys. Hot and tired and daddy getting a little grumpy. Mummy is as usual busy in her office and preparing the instruments to be delivered back to schools in the coming days.

Over 40 instruments are being delivered tomorrow morning which will give a little more room for mommy to move in her office. Many people are still on holiday and that is why I haven’t made any major sales this week. Accessories have gone out the door, nation wide and even to Australia. There are no boundaries here at DR TOOT. We are everywhere.

I have been receiving a lot of mail from my many followers about my health. A little while ago I was receiving medicine  because I was having tummy troubles and loosing too much weight. Many thought the weight loss was due to Alfa always eating my food, but it was because I had a tummy bug inside. Bug is gone and I am back to my perfect self again. Thank you to the millions who expressed their concern. I live and love forever!!!!

As mentioned before, we have a new agency. The make is Kanstul and they make beautiful brass instruments in the USA. Mummy has been busy working out NZ prices for these instruments. The Kanstul family have 2 cats. They must be a family of good taste. One of the cats is a princess!!! Their two cats names are Woody and Bailey. Woody is Bengal Tabby male cat and Bailey is an Abyssinian female cat and a princess. I am a beautiful black and white cat and queen. Although Woody is a tabby cat, he, is like me, very very smart. Smartness isn’t always common in tabby cats as we see in Alfa.

I better go outside and keep Alfa company. She is and always will be a housecat on a leash. Too funny. Anyways. I best go. Daddy has checked my blog and given it the ok. Be good everybody. Zara knows everything……😎

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Still Happy New Year…from Alfa !!!

We had a very quiet and peaceful New Year’s Day and the 2nd…ummmm, speaking of the 2nd of January, it was the Rico Memorial Day, of course.

Zara still reminds me that if Rico didn’t have the accident, I wouldn’t be at DR TOOT – Yes, that’s true….and I wouldn’t be a house cat, either……..the life can be funny sometimes J

Well, the DR TOOT Team were back to work on Wednesday as mummy posted photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Google+. Masaru, Taka and Yasu seemed that they enjoyed their mini break in Rotorua !

On Friday, we had a very bad weather in Auckland. Storm hit some areas and flooded…our area also had heavy rain and storm, but we were lucky and very fine. We actually thought that it would be a very quiet day…however, we had an interesting day instead!

A Yamaha flute from Wellington was dropped off for the warrant service, and then a family from New Caledonia visited us with another Yamaha flute for the service. A young lady brought in her Yamaha trumpet for servicing. Then, a Tongan gentleman with his Buffet clarinet came to see us…then another family visited us with their son’s Yamaha clarinet.

Daddy and the Team were very grateful that customers came to see us under the diabolical weather ! I was busy greeting all customers, of course J

I am not sure what cause…maybe due to the windy weather or the age ??? My big sis Zara had to go to vet yesterday. She vomited a few times and had blood in her poo….she has now special food and medicine to take. She seems fine now J

As you are all aware, we have Briccaldi for flutes, Selmer Paris for clarinets and saxophones but no agency for brass instruments……until now!!! Daddy can be a bit pushy sometimes. He has wanted a good brass line for awhile and it looks like we have one. It’s early days, but soon we will be launching an amazing brand of instruments from the USA. The brand is Kanstul.

They produce a top line-up of brass instruments from cornets to tubas. Daddy has serviced some in the past and was very impressed on how well made they were and what a fantastic sound they have. “Nothing Resonates like a Kanstul”. That is what their caption says and daddy say’s it’s true. More news on these instruments later.

Time to go now… Mummy has been very busy outside gardening and I have been assisting as usual. It’s full steam ahead back at work tomorrow. Bring it on!!!

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year 2018 !!!

I know we shared last week’s Blog, but this is my week and I am after all Queen Zara! Alfa and I share our food, (she eats most of it), we share our sleeping quarters and parts of this house and outside.

There is one thing though that we share and sympathies with each other and that’s the wariness of little people. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we had Daddy’s children over to stay the night and enjoy meals with us. As I have mentioned before…..I don’t like change. I like order and routine. Everyone was having fun and there was no set routine. Everything was “A MOMENT”. People sleeping on couches, eating at odd times and tooing and froeing. It did my head in a bit, but everybody seemed happy and I was given the respect I deserved, so I guess I can’t complain too much 😺

The TOOT TEAM were back at work on Wednesday and routine was back in place. The boys and daddy were working hard in the shop and mummy was very busy invoicing and packing goods. It felt like everyone was doing a weeks work in just a few days.

On Friday a family with teacher came over to try some flutes. After trying out a few, they fell in love with our Briccialdi Intermediate flute. This flute had a solid silver head, open holed keys, B Foot, and other things on it that I can’t remember. The young lady sounded very nice playing it and they all left with the flute feeling very very pleased. I thanked them personally.😽

Also on Friday was Taka’s Birthday. He turned 22 and had a very special day. An honorary TOOT Member came by with a cake, some beers and a huge hammer. Everybody sang Happy Birthday while our friend played Happy Birthday on his trombone. It was so funny!!!! Some beers were enjoyed after work as well and a BBQ Mummy and Daddy prepared. Spare ribs, lamb and everybody’s favorite…SAUSAGES were enjoyed as well as a few drinks. Alfa and I always have water. The TOOT TEAM BOYS are having a break in Rotorua for a few days so if you see them, make sure you say hi to them.

Well it’s time to sign off for another year. There have been many highs and a few lows, but at DR TOOT, we are all looking forward to catching up with you all and looking towards a great 2018. On behalf of Daddy, Mummy, Masaru, Taka, Yasu, um, and um, Alfa I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year from all the Team Members at DR TOOT !!! 

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas, Everyone !!!

Alfa (A): Wow, it’s already Christmas Eve today ! I cannot believe 2017 has almost finished…Hope that everyone is having a safe and sound holiday J It’s my turn for the blog, but my big sis, Zara…Queen Zara insists to do the blog together. So, here she is…

Zara (Z): Merry Christmas, my subjects !!! Queen Zara here…hope that everyone has been enjoying the warm summer in New Zealand J The DR TOOT Team is having a 4 days off - We will be back to work on the 27th !

A:  Yes, the Team has been working very hard…of course, including me ! J Anyway, this week, two pre-loved wooden clarinets arrived from Japan. They would be serviced by the team and listed soon. Of course, this week was my week and three instruments have found new home…one of them was an oboe and even went to Australia ! Other two instruments were the Briccialdi student model flutes and the both of them have gone to a different house in Hastings area.

Z: Ummmm, Hastings….Napier, Havelock North…the Team has serviced lots of flutes from there and some of our pre-loved flutes had gone there too. Something must be in the water J Anyway, I must say to you, Alfa…Well done, girl !

A: Oh !? Thanks, Zara…you sound grown up !

Z: It’s a festive season…so, I just want to be peaceful and kind to everyone….I am Queen, Queen Zara J

A: Well, it’s a nice and short blog from us, and we will have the last blog in 2017 next Sunday…maybe together again !?

Z: Sure, why not J

A & Z: Enjoy your holiday…Merry Christmas and Happy Tooting !!! 

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Have you seen my Daddy???

It’s been one of those weeks again…. You see it’s only 8 days till Christmas and Daddy has been out almost every night. Alfa and I thought he was out buying presents for Alfa and me, but he has been out doing Christmas Carols with the Howick Brass Band. By daytime he is working in the shop with his unofficial Santa helpers or picking up instruments from school and night time playing his tuba.

The repair shop is busting at the seems with a huge assortment of wind instruments waiting for the good doctors to give them the TOOT they are missing. Honestly it’s crazy in there!!! I pop around to check on daddy and the boys to see how things are going but I feel that I might be getting in their way. Masaru always gives me a smile when I wonder in. On Taka’s bench I see a mountain of flutes and saxophones and on Masaru’s bench a field of clarinets and saxophones in various stages of repair. On Yesu’s bench I see a large line of instruments ready to be taken apart and cleaned. Daddy is surrounded by Cornets, Trumpets, French Horns, Euphoniums, Trombones and Tuba’s. I tell you….it’s a crazy jungle of instruments in there.

I am sorry to say that on my watch there have been no major sales of instruments, despite our specials happening till Christmas. Mummy has been shipping off accessories all around New Zealand. We see mummy sometimes coming out of her office, but nowadays, she is too busy. This week a few instruments arrive for stock from Japan. One trumpet, clarinet and saxophone in amazing condition will be serviced soon and ready for sale. Some mouthpieces and accessories too arrived in from Selmer Paris and a shipment of Briccialdi Flutes from Italy arrived. At DR TOOT, we are pretty International.

Like I said earlier, my Daddy has been very busy. But he is never too busy to spend quality time with me. It is very stressful managing everybody and thing at DR TOOT and managing Alfa. So Daddy takes time out as you see to give me a massage. The back of the neck and head. Yes MY DADDY LOVES ME!!!! Santa is really going to look after me because he knows that I have been a very very very good girl πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΈπŸ™€

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Great Escape

Needless to say, it’s been sooooo hot in Auckland. The summer has arrived much earlier than usual. It’s good for me…everyone feels hot, so all windows and doors are opened…hehehehe. I can chill out outside on the cool concrete…of course, with my friend, leash J

In fact, I must tell you that I did “great escape” this week. Mummy was so busy doing this and that and here and there… and she totally forgot to close the office door. Of course, I did not miss the chance and I saw a window was open widely !!! Yeahhhhh, I jumped off from there and walked around for a while. When mummy realized that the window and door were open, she looked for me everywhere…yep, I was gone gone gone J I heard that she and daddy were calling my name repeatedly and I felt guilty a little bit…So, I came back myself…I didn’t tell them where I was but I had my greatest adventure in 2017, that’s for sure !

On Monday, while I was resting outside, I heard our phone was kept ringing – good sign J Mummy wished that I could answer the phone ! Well, I didn’t waste my time…another Briccialdi student model flute 203 has found a new home and left for Napier ! SOLD OUT…again…Don’t worry..they will be back soon - The new shipment has left Italy and will be arriving in a few days J

The Team has gone through so many instruments this week. Instruments from schools in Tauranga, Auckland…and even one baritone sax has arrived from a new school in Christchurch ! Also, some instruments from our private customers…We are sorry that we are unable to offer our normal quick turnaround (2-3 working days) at the moment as there are so many instruments lined up !

Under the heat, on Wednesday, a familiar faces visited us…the family who purchased an alto sax a few months ago and returned to DR TOOT to buy a tenor sax this time J Wow, our pre-loved Yanagisawa tenor sax T991 has found a new home in Auckland !

Saturday morning, daddy played with Howick Brass Band at the front of our local supermarket, New World in Howick. Then, the members of the band and families gathered for a BBQ party at DR TOOT  in the afternoon. Zara and I had to stay in mummy and daddy’s bedroom like last year. We both were sad that we didn’t joined them but we had a very good sleep J

Nearly two weeks to go to Christmas…meow !  I haven’t worked out what to get mummy and daddy. Zara said that a good present for her was 24 hours without me! I know she doesn’t mean it…..I think…Anyway, it’s all happening at DR TOOT. Time to relax and prepare for another busy week ahead JJJ

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Hot but Happy

It’s been a VERY HOT WEEK for humanoids and cats. It’s times like this that you wish you could peel off your fur and chill out. Everyday I fall asleep under my special tree and dream of happy times with Rico, playing amongst the trees in our back yard at Uxbridge Rd. in Howick. Nowadays, Rico is gone and we live in another house. Rico’s ashes and collar are buried in the garden and I visit him most days. It is almost 6 years ago now that Rico left us. Seems a lot longer…..

Like I said, it’s been pretty hot here. Summer arrived on Friday, (December 1st), here in New Zealand. Daddy still speaks of times when there was snow around near Christmas time, but that was in Canada. Apparently, in Port Coquitlam, daddy’s home town, there is plenty of snow about. According to Douglas Planidin and his 2 cats, Poco has been hit with an unusual large amount of snow. Stay warm my fur brothers. At night time, Alfa still insists to sleep near me. I am not happy as she is always so hot.

Another exciting week at DR TOOT’S. Three new flutes arrived from Briccialdi Flutes in Italy Two intermediate models and one Professional flute with all the bells and whistles on it. We also received two clarinets and one oboe from Japan. One of the clarinets, a Buffet E11 AND Selmer USA Oboe, sold within 24 hours after they arrived. Another Buffet clarinet E13 sold on Friday afternoon. It is  that crazy time of year when the instruments start flying out of the shop and arrive into happy homes all around New Zealand.

The repair shop has been a buzz of excitement. As Alfa mentioned, many many instruments arrived here for servicing a week last Friday ago. Some of the instruments, about 40 of them, had to be completed within a week as they were needed for end of the year school concerts. This was an amazing challenge for the team at DR TOOT. Yasu who has joined the team until early February, experienced his first week in New Zealand with 34 instruments that he personally had to take apart and clear for Masaru and Taka. Daddy did all the brass instruments and cleaned them as well. Everybody at the end of the week was exhausted and finished the Friday with drinks and a BBQ to welcome Yasu and to relax at the end of a very hard week.

Well the sun is going down and my tummy is feeling a little empty. Come on daddy. It’s dinner time. I see that Alfa is already at the food dish. No surprises there….πŸ™€