Sunday, 18 March 2018

Summer again !??

On Monday, we had so much rain and I felt it just like winter already….but we had lots of customers and phone calls – it’s always good thing J We saw a few familiar faces and new faces. Amongst the new faces was gentleman with an emergency sax repair. A musical artist, who is playing at Auckland Art Festival. He was from Argentina and he brought in his P. Mauriat soprano sax. Taka fixed the problems and the customer was very happy J

Also, three pre-loved instruments have arrived from Japan. Yamaha clarinet YCL450 and YCL650 and Yamaha tenor sax YAS380. Lots of new pads arrived from Italy and some goodies for repairs arrived from USA…and one surprise parcel has arrived from Argentina ! The parcel contains lots of samples such as ligatures, cleaning swabs, straps and a reed case - It was from a company called Vientos BambΓΊ. It was so generous and Big thanks from the DR TOOT Team !

Tuesday was another busy day here and I made my first sale of the week - Our Yamaha tenor sax YTS480 has found a new home in Whakatane J The saxophone was delivered to the new owner just before his first lesson at school – Hope that he had an awesome lesson and he is enjoying playing it J

This week, daddy was busy with rehearsals with three different groups and my big sis, Zara wasn’t happy at all - He was out in the evening most of nights. The Manukau Symphony Orchestra (MSO) had a concert last night and daddy played the tuba. Mummy, Zara, and I are pleased to know the concert was a full house and went well J

After so much rain, we felt a bit cooler and maybe going to be a winter already ??? Nooooo, the summer has come back again !!! It was a nice weather here in Howick at the weekend.

This morning, we had an emergency saxophone repair booked in – the customer arrived around 9.30am and daddy fixed the issue quickly. All good J Then, another appointment was booked at 10.00am. Mother and son visited us for clarinet trials. He wanted to upgrade his ABS clarinet to a wooden clarinet. He liked the Yamaha clarinet YCL450, which arrived on Monday, and left here with the clarinet…Another happy customer and Happy Alfa J

After the appointments, mummy and daddy started cleaning up our driveway which was a bit wild recently due to the warm weather, weeds are growing up faster than usual. It looks very nice and tidy now…Well done, mummy and daddy !!!😸😸😸

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Zara Got the BIG ONE!!!

It’s been an interesting week for your favorite cat….ME. The boys and daddy have been working hard as usual in the repair shop. Taka has been working on a complete Repad / Overhaul on a vintage Yanagisawa Alto sax as well as the usual floud of instruments that steadily come through our shop and Masaru has been working on a variety of clarinets and saxophones. Daddy has been sticking with brass repairs and rebuild a very old vintage valve trombone that can be seen on our DR TOOT Facebook. Mummy comes into the workshop to take photos of everybody’s work and to make sure everybody is working. This is often my job, but I have been feeling a bit tired this week. So much to do and organize before Easter.πŸ™€

Everyday Alfa has been bothering me about sales. I have helped with many accessory sales but no instrument sales. Monday went by and no major sale….Tuesday…Wednesday… Thursday… Friday… Alfa was sing about Zara is a no sale cat…lalalalalala. I felts something was coming up, but I couldn’t put my paw on it.

On Friday morning a lady dropped off her son's saxophone for it’s annual service and talked about upgrading to a Selmer sax. The boy was already playing a Yamaha YAS62 with a 62 gooseneck, so he already had a great sax. But Selmers are Selmers. World class and BEST!!! Selmer Paris make a range of saxophones and they are all professional saxophones. They start with the Selmer Axos, Series 2, Series 3 and the Grandest of them all…The Selmer Paris Reference! The mother and son came to our home on Saturday and about 5.30 to try the Selmer Paris Reference. It was very much lake love at first sight. He was so very young but was at a grade 6 level and the way he played……well the sky was the limit. He was so very very very happy that his parents agreed to get it for him. A saxophone for life. It would be rude to talk about the price, but full details of the Selmer Paris saxophones are listed on our website. Maybe you could be next??? It was fair to say that Alfa stopped singing ‘’ Zara is a no Sale Cat’’.😸😸😸

I haven’t seen much of daddy this weekend because he has been in rehearsals with the Manukau Symphony Orchestra for their concert next weekend. See what I mean? So much is going on and I am so busy making sure everything gets done. Until next time my fans and followers…..

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Taking care of business !

“Zara ROCKS !!!” ??? I don’t want to copy her, but I must say “Alfa ROCKS !!!!!” Yup, I had a very very good week for sales and worked very hard for DR TOOT this week…well, like other weeks J

On Monday, our two Yamaha alto saxophones have found a new home in Invercargill. They went to one of our long term customers down there…We trust that they will be looked after well ! Then, another customer phoned up from Napier and he purchased a Yanagisawa bronze alto sax A902 over the phone.  All saxophones have left for a new home J

Tuesday morning, before 7.00am, a phone rang – We thought it was a bit early…it was from Jack at Kanstul in USA ! As Zara mentioned last week, DR TOOT made our first order to Kanstul and Jack phoned up about our order…Yes, the Kanstul instruments are all hand made in their factory in USA…Wow, even the parts they make by themselves. So, they just about start producing our instruments…How exciting !!!

The same day, our pre-loved Yamaha trumpet went to one of schools in Auckland J and Holton French Horn also went to another school in Auckland…ummm, good feeling J The long day didn’t finish until nearly 7.00pm…a mother and daughter visited us to try the Briccialdi flute student model. The 10 year-old girl played the flute and her eyes opened up with shine…she smiled and this was it. They left here with the brand new flute J

Wednesday, daddy played with Howick Brass Band at the opening ceremony for one of doughnuts chain stores called Krispy Kream in Manukau. He left home before 7.00am and came back with lots of doughnuts…sadly they were not for me or Zara, but the boys, Masaru and Taka were so happy to have yummy doughnuts J

I had a little break on Thursday…..then had a very busy Friday - Just before 9.00am, the first customer for the day arrived from Kerikeri (he told us that he stayed in Auckland overnight J). He visited DR TOOT to try a newly arrived Yanagisawa soprano sax S901ll. It arrived on Monday and just serviced by Masaru the other day. The customer played, loved it and went home together…another happy customer ! Zara and I saw lots of faces…new faces and familiar faces…then, nearly end of the day, a customer brought in a Yamaha clarinet for service. He also wanted to try one of our clarinets…He tried the Selmer Paris Prologue ll clarinet, and he fallen love with the sound…well, he has left his Yamaha clarinet for service and went home with the new clarinet and happy face….well done, Alfa JJJ 

After work, the Team minus me and Zara went to a Japanese restaurant for a “Well done, Team” dinner J They worked very hard during the summer school holiday, so daddy and mummy took  Masarua and Taka out. They sound that they had a very good time together !
Well, I thought I would finish here…I must add one more - Saturday afternoon, father and his three children visited DR TOOT. One of them plays the clarinet and he wanted to try a Buffet E11 which just arrived the other day and serviced by Masaru…well, another wooden clarinet went out our door !

Sorry, everyone…it’s getting on and on and on…just like Zara does every week J I must stop here and relax…yes, it’s Sunday and the weather is still pretty good. Hope everyone had an awesome week and weekend…Happy Tooting from Alfa, Princess Alfa…goody goody gumdrops gumdrops  JJJ

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Zara ROCKS!!!

I am not one for blowing my own beautiful purrs about, but yes, I have done it again! Another typical Zara week has come and gone in excellent style as you would expect it to. I single pawed have sold many instruments, made sure the repair shop is running to my purrrfection, and was present with our first order off to Kanstul. I am exhausted. Where do we start??? πŸ™€

On Monday we had an amazing day. It started off with an online sale from Christchurch of our Yamaha Custom SE Bb clarinet. Yes, our customers have good taste. In clarinets and who they get them from. Later in the day another clarinet was sold to a customer in Hastings. This clarinet was a pre-loved Yamaha YCL450. Good things happen in three’s so they say. Even later on Monday a local customer purchased  a pre-loved Yanagisawa A902 Alto saxophone. All three customers very happy and all thanked me for my hard work. I needed a breather, so waited till Friday for my next sale.

The customer drove up from Hamilton and tried and fell in love with a lovely shiny EEb Besson tuba we had. She was on her way to a wedding up north and stopped on her way to pick up the tuba. I wonder if she is going to play at the wedding??? πŸ˜‹

During the week we received our long awaited order of Briccialdi flutes. This order came just in time for a lovely girl who on Saturday received her Briccialdi semi professional flute. She was so please and so thoughtful and kind, that she even gave Alfa a pat on her head, even though Alfa didn’t do anything to deserve such attention.😎

Thursday was a special day for DR TOOT and Kanstul. On Thursday we placed an order to Kanstul for a few instruments and some mouthpieces. Each instrument is specially made and will take a few weeks to make and send over. I am just too excited 😊.

On Saturday we had another special day. It was Japan Day Eve in the city and mummy and daddy went to the city to watch and listen to a saxophone quartet called HIBIKI SAX QUARTET. The players were, Tomomi Johnston on Soprano and Alto sax, Gustav Voigt on Alto Sax and our two boys, Masaru on Tenor Sax and Taka on Baritone Sax. I wish I was there. Mummy and daddy were so proud of them and they played so beautifully. Well done, HIBIKI SAX QUARTET 😺

All this excitement is a bit too much for me. Time to rest and have a weeeee nap. Alfa’s turn next week. Hope she is able to sell a reed…..or two……hahahaha 😸😸😸

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Never ending summer !?

Daddy came back home just before 1.30am Sunday night (Monday morning in the fact)…yes, he did march with Howick Brass Band for the TV commercial…as Zara mentioned last week. Daddy looked exhausted in the morning J

Another busy Monday started with very humid weather ! Lots of phone calls, a few customer came in, Gonzalez reeds arrived from Argentina… one of phone calls was from a lady who wanted to purchase one of our pre-loved alto saxophones for her son. It was recommend by his teacher who came here to try it before. The Yamaha YAS62 with 62 Neck was collected by the mother and son happily on Friday.

Next day, three big boxes arrived from Hawera ! Wow, 10 brasswinds instruments (cornets, flugelhorns, Euphonium) have arrived suddenly from the local brass band – Daddy was happy to see the instruments J

We had another beautiful summer weather on Thursday and I enjoyed the outside…wishing the summer would never end !

Finally, the new shipment of Briccialdi flutes has left Italy…and on the way to DR TOOT ! We have waited longer than usual as there was a carnival in Venice. Their workshop is in Venice and during the carnival, everything was stopped…for 2 weeks. Mummy experienced the carnival a long time ago when she lived in Florence. Lots of people dressed up with masks and you can hardly move…it sounds fun !

I think Zara will tell about the flutes next time anyway ! A lots of customers visited us this week and a couple of them came here to try our saxophones. A lady from Queestown tried a few different alto saxophones and mother & son tried one of the tenor saxes…it seems that they liked the saxophones but did not make their mind…hopefully we will hear from them soon J

It’s been sooooo hot in Auckland ! Lots of cicadas around and today I caught a cicada and ate it…yum yum yum J We hope everyone has been enjoying the hooot and loooong summer…meow ! J

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Wet Summer Days...

As you all know, I am not one for complaining. I just say things the way I see and feel them. Yes, we are in summer, but the rain is heavy and strong. Daddy is always saying that the roses are happy, but I am not happy getting my beautiful fur wet. It’s just not right ! Alfa now has to stay indoors all the time which is not good for me. I have to see her and smell her 24/7.... I am a patient and forgiving girl 😸

The horrible weather hasn’t stopped customers coming around to pick up or drop off their musical instruments. We have such a wonderful range of instruments and accessories that it is very normal for people to come and visit me and check out our instruments, no matter how yucky it is outside.

As some of you may have noticed, we have a new product listed on our website. This product is called Kanstul Brass Musical Instruments. This company produces seriously fantastic brass instruments from cornets to tubas and are 100% made in the USA. Daddy has been speaking to Jack Kanstul about these instruments. Mr. Kanstul is just back from a very successful NAMM Trade Show in Anaheim USA which is very close to the Kanstul Factory. Mummy has listed the Kanstul range of instruments on our website, so that you too can see how amazing these instruments are and the suggested retail price you can expect to pay for them. Nothing Resonates like a Kanstul. If you are looking for a student or professional instrument, look no further then DR TOOT and Kanstul. Mr. and Mrs. Kanstul have 2 beautiful cats that I have personally checked out. Not bad and get the Zara paw of approval. Alfa thinks they are pretty cool too 😎

On Thursday this week we had a pretty flutey day. Earlier in the week we received a lovely Yamaha YFL311 flute with a lovely Kyoto Opal on the crown of the head joint. Very rare and beautiful. Taka mentioned this to his friend and before you know it….she loved it and off it went. A very happy girl with a very lovely flute. About an hour later, a lady came by and showed some interest is a Briccialdi  flute we had in stock (from Italy), and loved the way it sounded and…you guessed it, she bought it!! Two beautiful flutes to two happy and lucky people….aweeeee.

That’s about all from me. Crazy daddy is going out in this stormy weather to play and march outside in the rain with the Howick Brass Band. It’s for a TV commercial that will be shown in Australia. Honestly daddy, you think Alfa and I are crazy ??? πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Bye Bye Yasu !

The week started as a long weekend – It was the Auckland Anniversary Day on Monday. So, we were closed but Zara and I saw that mummy and daddy were working a little bit. I stayed with mummy in the office J

On Tuesday, the Team was back to work as usual. It was the last week for Yasu. He cleaned and polished nearly 300 instruments in the last 2.5 months. The Team was so grateful with his work and sad to see him go back to Japan.

We had a farewell party for Yasu after work on Friday. Mummy took a photo of the Team and posted on our Instagram page…well, as you can see, my big sis Zara wanted to join. So, here she was…she always wants to be seen…after all, she is Zara…Queen Zara ! J

Saturday morning, Zara and I said “good bye” to Yasu - Mummy and daddy saw him off to the airport. In Japan. it’s winter and cold right now (lots of snow in Kanto area this year), so we hope that he won’t get a cold…he will be back to school from Monday and graduate the repair course in March…All the best from the Team !

We had lots of rain and strong winds again and some parts of New Zealand had flooding… Hopefully everyone is fine and living as usual J

On Friday, Zara asked me “how many sales have you done this week? Show me your paws ! “…………I couldn’t put up my paws….ummmmm. Zara had a very good week last week, so I had a bit pressure. She even said to me, “No sales, Non food !!!” – she can be very mean, as you all know.
Well, finally, I showed my paw to Zara yesterday ! Father and son visited us in the afternoon, and the son tried the Yanagisawa tenor sax T990 which was just in and serviced by Taka. He really liked it and went home with the saxophone !!! Yay J

We have now another Yanagisawa tenor sax T902 Bronze, Buffet E13 clarinet and Yamaha YFL311PGB in stock. This flute is the limited edition flute in Japan, and mummy showed me that the head crown has got a small “Kyoto Opal”….I thought myself it’s a bit unusual…but beautiful, that’s for sure !

I should stop here…otherwise I am getting like Zara, on and on and on J It will be another short week as Waitangi Day on Tuesday…Have a good one and Happy Tooting, Everyone…from Alfa, Princess Alfa !!!