Sunday, 24 September 2017

Am I getting old ?

I enjoy my sleep.  It’s not easy being in charge of an empire such as DR TOOT. Many repairs have come and gone this week. Taka and Masaru have been so busy. Daddy has been looking busy if you know what I mean…. Daddy like me isn’t getting any younger. Please don’t tell him I said this 😸. What the boys don’t see is the hard work daddy does behind the scenes.   Daddy gets up early and prepares the workshop and instruments to be done. I am very proud of my daddy and together we are doing what we love. Daddy working on repairs and me working on daddy. Mummy  too works so hard early in the morning till late at night. Alfa looks after mum the best she can. Alfa spends a lot of time chasing after a light reflection of daddy’s camera. So young and so Alfa!!!

Four instruments arrived in from Japan this week. Two clarinets, one Bass Clarinet and one flute. As fast as an  Alfa eating biscuits, our Bass Clarinet has already found a home within 24 hours after arriving to DR TOOT. The gentleman plays for the Doctors Orchestra and placed an order, just a few weeks ago. This coming week Alfa will share news about other Imports due in Alfa always gets the good news. Daddy delivered 7 instruments to a school in Auckland. This school had amazing art work displayed in a hall and daddy was very impressed, The school was an Intermediate School with a great music department. So good to see such talent in schools.

Yesterday was Election Day in NZ. This is a day that New Zealanders vote for a leader for their country. Everybody knows that I am the leader here at DR TOOT πŸ™€…..and NOT Alfa. Elections here are not necessary. Today is the first day of Daylight Savings. This means that we get more sunny and longer days. This also signals the sign of BBQs and late nights out. Daddy has been out for most of the day playing with the Howick Brass Band at the ABA Competitions. They came in first for the Hymn and March Divisions and Third overall. Well done Howick Brass!!!!!!

Time to sign off. I have had so little time with daddy and its time to sit on his lap. Remember age is just a number. Sometimes a big number…😸

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Another busy week at DR TOOT !

Wow, Monday started very busy…as Zara mentioned last week, the Selmer Paris Prologue professional clarinet left for a new home in Wellington. Also, another pre-loved instrument, Yamaha trumpet YTR4335G has found a new home in Auckland – it was picked up by a father of the player early morning….I greeted him at the office and he said to my mummy and me “what a beautiful cat !” yeah, that’s me JJ Anyway, the both instruments didn’t stay here for a long.

Then, Wednesday, a local mother and son visited us after school. The son told us that he has been checking up our website….oh, good boy J They came to DR TOOT to try the latest addition of Yamaha alto sax YAS275 which arrived on Saturday last week with the above trumpet from Japan. He really liked the saxophone and left with it with smile J His mum said that she would read our blog….so, she might be reading this !??

I am Alfa…Princess Alfa…So, I didn’t stop here and sold another clarinet on Friday….Yeah J Yamaha clarinet YCL450 found a new home in Gisborne via Trade Me. It will be leaving here tomorrow morning.

The team has been very busy and working hard…lots of instruments brought in for repairs/services. Some instruments have gone home too. Thank you for all customers who visited us this week J

It’s not long till school holidays start again. Have you arranged to get your instrument serviced? Please don’t leave it too late. This week a saxophone came in for a service. We sold it about 2 years ago and it didn’t come in for its check up. The young boy plays it all the time and couldn’t come in to have it serviced. Please make time. The repair/service was over $1,500. It is important to make time and get your instrument serviced on a regular basis J

To all our human friends…. The 2017 elections are happening next Saturday. Have you voted?  Zara will talk to you next week on what happened. I vote for more food (fish), and more time outside - My needs are simple J

Please have a good week and be kind to each other. Zara is having a few issues over me at the moment and needs to learn to be more kind. Be purrrfect…. Like me JJJ

Sunday, 10 September 2017

We all take care of each other…

Well, spring is here, but sometimes it feels like winter all over again. Sun becomes rain, becomes wind, becomes cold temperatures, becomes…. This change of the weather plays havoc on my fur. I am not as sleek and beautiful as usual. My daddy has a nasty chest infection and he isn’t sleeping well. As a result of this, he doesn’t sleep well and is pretty grumpy in the day. It’s up to me to calm him down and sleep on his lap. This helps him and I do this for my daddy. I have never seen Alfa do this for daddy… never and I wouldn’t let her near daddy anyways.😺

Alfa to be fair can be very friendly and caring. First thing in the morning she shows passion and caring around mummy and daddy until breakfast is served. Awhile after breakfast she shows her love again when she wants her biscuits. This love for mummy and daddy is repeated near dinnertime. When she is cold, she then shares herself with mummy on the blanket on mummy’s lap. 😸

This week at DR TOOT has been a very busy week. As Alfa mentioned before, an amazing 1960 Conn 10M, silver plated, naked lady, tenor sax arrived from Japan to our shop to have a major make over to get ready for sale. Taka performed the operation and she looks and sounds like a real beauty. All new pads and corks and restored to her original self. Well done Taka. You can hear Taka and the Conn tenor on our website and Instagram. Masaru too has been very busy as he did major surgery on a beautiful Selmer Paris clarinet. Complete rebuild and new pads and corks too. Masaru did such a fine job on it, that it yesterday was sold and is heading off to a new home in Wellington. Daddy has been working on many brass band instruments such as cornets, trombones and euphoniums. Busy, busy, busy. While all this was going on, mummy has been busy invoicing, packing and making sure that daddy and the boys “KEEP WORKING” ! 😎

Yesterday, 5 instruments arrived from Japan as stock instruments. These included 2 alto saxophones, 1 trumpet, 1 flute and 1 clarinet. It looks like the trumpet may already have a new owner. Wow, things move fast at DR.TOOT. Well I must retire now and rest. Daddy is playing tonight in a concert with the Howick Brass Band. Mummy will be going, leaving Alfa and I alone…….again.

My challenge to you all this week is to find someone to care for. Show them your love and kindness and do this with no selfishness 😊😊😊

Sunday, 3 September 2017

La Primavera

Si’, it’s spring here in New Zealand, and it was a Father’s Day today. Daddy had a relaxing day…he was still cleaning and tidying up the workshop though J

Zara and I forgot to give a birthday card to him last month, so we had to remember this time…We asked mummy to arrange a Father’s Day card for him. She made an awesome card for him from us….yeah, very goooooood JJJ

Well, this week again…lots of things happened at DR TOOT. Sales wise, two saxophones have found a new home – one of them was the Yamaha alto sax YAS275. A customer in Auckland contacted our mummy a few weeks ago, and our mummy found one for the customer. She and her daughter visited us on Tuesday and they were happy with the saxophone J

Another Yamaha alto sax YAS380 was also an order by another lady in South Waikato. It was for her son. The saxophone arrived from Japan on Thursday - it was serviced by Taka and left here on Friday.
On Thursday, Masaru came back to work – Zara was really happy to see him…and of course, me 2 J Then, we received a very exciting news the next day. His work visa was granted…..for 3 years !!! We all were soooo happy to hear the news…Especially Zara was JJJ

More instruments will be arriving this coming week – Yanagisawa alto sax A880 with gold plated underslung neck, Selmer Prologue wooden clarinet, Yamaha trumpet YTR4325G and Jupiter flute. If you are looking for a particular instrument, contact my mummy – she will try her best to find one for you !

Another busy week is ahead of the DR TOOT Team – Masaru has been restoring a SML wooden clarinet (big job) and also Taka has been restoring a Conn 10M Naked Lady tenor sax (big job). Daddy will be busy with a bunch of brass instruments (warranty full service) which arrived this afternoon.

Happy Father’s Day to our daddy, DR TOOT !!!  

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Spring is in the AIR!!!

It’s only days away from spring. This week has been so beautiful. I have been out and about visiting my local subjects and and checking out my land called Howick New Zealand.  I can’t  get around all of Howick, but the houses that are close to mine will do. It’s sad to see Alfa stuck indoors, and not able to get out. Her idea of getting out is rolling around on the mat just outside our front door. So sad. I can go anytime I please but with Alfa I think it’s a maturity thing. I am worldly wise….

Sales happened as usual under my watch. You see, it’s not how many sales that happen during a week that matters, it’s how many sales under my watchful eyes is what matters. Knowing that they have come to buy when it is my watch and wait till I say it’s ok. Many humanoids wait till it is my turn to speak and be present when it all happens. This week a beautiful 300 series Yamaha trumpet found a new home in Dunedin and on Friday, and gorgeous Selmer Paris pre loved Reference 54 Tenor Sax found a home here in Auckland. Everyone of course is very happy.😊

Spring as you may know springs into action this coming Friday. The flowers and roses will start coming out and the days will get warmer and longer. I love spring. It makes me feel young again. Very happy and loved. This week has been so much better than last week because my daddy has been home more. As Alfa mentioned last week, daddy was out every night with orchestra and other musical things. I was not happy at all. This week he said sorry to me and I slept on his lap many times to offer him love and stability.

This week 2 instruments arrived in from Japan. One was a Yamaha YAS275 Alto Sax and the other was a vintage Conn silver plated, Naked Lady, 10M, Tenor Sax. Both of these will be for sale, although I think the Yamaha YAS275 might have already found a new home. Alfa will no doubt  have something to say on this next week. We also this week, received another shipment of our world famous Gonzalez Reeds from Argentina. Like me, everything….or most things at DR TOOT are world famous. 

Time to rest my head and prepare for a new week. I am always working…..

Sunday, 20 August 2017


Yes, it was a title of the concert by Manukau Symphony Orchestra last night…daddy played a tuba J Of course, we could not go to see daddy as usual…but mummy went and she told us that daddy played very well in Symphony No 5 in E minor by Tchaikovsky – Good job, Well done, daddy !!!

Busy daddy…this week he was out most of nights even tonight, he is not here with us ! He is playing a tuba with Howick Brass Band.  Zara is not impressed, you know !

The Team minus Masaru (on leave and we guess he is enjoying the summer in Japan J) was busy with lots of repairs this week. The special ordered pads arrived safely from Italy for NZ Selmer Artist, Lucien Johnson’s Selmer Mark Vl tenor sax. You won’t believe that there are so many different kinds of pads. These leather pads are especially for the Mark Vl with metal resonators…that’s what mummy told me J Taka serviced and tested the Mark Vl and it is ready to go back home in Wellington on Monday !

Taka also serviced and tested another top professional tenor sax, Selmer Reference 54 which is for sale…Yes, this saxophone is looking for a new home to stay J If someone is looking for a top professional tenor sax, please let the person knows !!!

Also, two pre-loved instruments arrived safely from Japan – Yamaha Single F French Horn which has gone to one of schools in Auckland, and Yamaha alto sax YAS475 which was serviced and tested by Taka and has already found a new home !

On Friday, three ladies visited DR TOOT and wanted to purchase an alto sax for hobby. They ended up to have left with two saxes, YAS475 (as mentioned earlier) and YAS380 JJJ Yes, I am Princess Alfa and greeted the ladies and they were happy to see me J

We had heavy rain and thunder here in Auckland yesterday…it’s better weather today and we see already lots of flowers in our backyard…Spring is just around corner !  

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Daddy has his day…and I have mine…

Another positive week for Zara and DR TOOT. I was responsible for 4 sales this week. I hate to brag as it is not in my nature, but I did it again!!! Four instruments have found new homes. 

On Monday, a Yamaha Custom Clarinet has found a new home in Wellington. A lovely lady tried it out at the NZCBA Festival last weekend and decided on Monday that she would take it. Alfa says that it is her sale as the lady saw it on Alfa’s watch, but she decided to take it when I was in charge. On Monday also, a Yamaha flute has found a new home with a school in Hastings. Wait, there is more! On Wednesday, a gentleman in Otago loved the look of the Yanagisawa soprano we had and traded his instrument for the soprano. Very happy man. On Friday. A school in Auckland were able to fulfill their wish list and get a BBb Tuba from DR TOOT. I am always so happy to make others happy. I am the wish Queen. Granting all good musicians the right instrument they desire😊

That was the week of sales by yours truly. On Tuesdays it was my daddy’s birthday. Daddy may be getting older, but he looks younger everyday. Well I have to say that or he will get sad. And I cant have that! Masaru and Taka gave daddy a beautiful bottle of single malt whisky and a new tool box. Alfa and I are organising a dinner out with daddy and mummy and mummy took daddy out for a very french breakfast this morning. OOOO LALA!!!!

It hasn’t been all nice for daddy this week. On Thursday, daddy went in for surgery to remove some moles and things from his body. He had 4 things from his back, three from his legs and a large thing from his neck. Poor daddy. I want to cuddle him, but the doctor said no because daddy must not have any infection. I can understand Alfa staying away, but I am always clean.😼

Daddy has been out yesterday and today, rehearsing with the Manakau Symphony Orchestra. They have a concert next Saturday and there is a very exciting tuba part to be played. Daddy always seems well enough to perform his tuba but seems not well enough to do housework. Hmmmmmm, very interesting. 

Well time to go as I want to read my blog again and relish in on how well I did and what a cleaver cat I am…πŸ˜ΈπŸ™€πŸ˜Ί