Sunday, 19 November 2017

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!!! TEN YEARS YOUNG!

It’s been a fantastic week and maybe it is because of me. No Maybe’s It is because of me. I have the touch. I am Zara😁. The week as sales goes started a little slow, but I am a patient girl. 

Thursday was a special day in New Zealand’s calendar.  It was my birthday πŸ˜‹. Blackie from next door and a larger version of me from the front house came over and paid their respects. Some say that it was a bit like the God Father πŸ™€. I couldn’t possibly comment on that. Word got out in Howick that I turned 10 years old and the cat crowd went crazy. We started the day with Tuna and sardines for breakfast. A lovely start and one I shared with Alfa. She showed her appreciation and stepped back while I ate my breakfast. It’s called respect. Something the younger generation of cats know little of. The kittens think that it’s all about them.

Thursday wasn’t just my birthday but a day the sales started coming in. The day started with a sale to a school in Hamilton of a Yamaha YAS280 Alto Sax. We did a platinum service for them of a Yamaha alto sax so they now have 2 lovely saxophones for their students to enjoy. Later that morning a lady and her two lovely daughters came and tried out a Yamaha Custom Clarinet and Briccialdi flute. The girl who got the clarinet has never played before and has started her clarinet playing with an amazing Yamaha Custom wooden clarinet. She was so happy. Her sister was there and to her surprise, she got an Intermediate Briccialdi flute with all the bells and whistles. Both are very lucky girls and are very lucky to have parents that are very supportive for their music performance. I personally met them and let them stroke me on my birthday. They were so lucky!

On Friday a gentleman came in and bought a Yamaha trumpet. He loved it so much and said that it was better than the one he was playing in London. Of course, it was. 

On Saturday morning a family in Christchurch bought a Briccialdi intermediate flute and a preloved wooden Noblet clarinet. Another South Island happy customer 😊.  Then on Sunday, a student of daddy’s came to our home and bought a brand new Selmer Paris Series II Alto sax. He was very very happy…..and so was mummy and daddy. The Zara good luck charm worked again!

The boys with daddy have been very busy in the workshop with a few major jobs and mummy keeping up with all the invoices for all the sales and repairs. Imagine this all under my watchful eyes. Alfa had a great sleep this week. So tired watching me being so busy, the challenge is out the for you Alfa. Can you handle it??

I best go and relax. Daddy has been out a lot with rehearsals for Manukau Concert Band, Howick Brass Band and Manukau Symphony Orchestra, so I better make him relax and sleep on his lap. Lucky daddy……lucky me 😼😸😼

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Birthday Week !

We started a beautiful Monday…the weather was nice here in Howick and we welcomed some customers. There were a few familiar faces and a new customer from Whangarei. He was looking for an alto sax – he tried the Antigua alto sax and went home with it πŸ˜Š

The same day, we received two pre-loved alto saxophones – Yamaha YAS475 and YAS62 with 62 Neck. The both of them are near new condition.  Masaru serviced the YAS62 and Taka serviced YAS475, and mummy listed them on our website and now looking for a new home to stay!

On Tuesday, Taka came back from his leave. It sounds that he had a very good time in Wellington. Also, we are so happy to receive a bunch of instruments from one of schools in Auckland. Our busy summer has already started !??

I must thank you for everyone who sent us “birthday wishes” to mummy (9th) and me (11th) !!! Mummy turned xx year-old and I am now 6 year-old 😊 As our tradition, Zara and I shared a special breakfast (salmon and prawn) and dinner (chicken) on my birthday….they were so yummy…my big sis, Zara ate too fast and vomited all of them after breakfast….daddy had to clean the carpet quickly….oh, dear....yep, that's Zara !!! 

Speaking of Zara, her birthday is coming up soon. I am not sure what she has requested to mummy for her birthday meal. I am very looking forward to sharing it with her anyway !

It is defiantly warmer...and I enjoyed outside very much with Zara and mummy today while daddy was out for the rehearsal of Manukau Symphony Orchestra (MSO). Hope that everyone is enjoy the lighter and warmer days !!! 

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Pass the sun tan lotion please…..

That’s more like it. Outside sitting here with daddy on a warm late spring day, outside in the garden. Alfa inside trying to catch a fly as she bangs against the window, trying to catch her prey. Earlier today, mummy and daddy were gardening while I lay on the herb garden, (not supposed to), while Alfa was on her leash getting caught up with the roses, chairs, outdoor furniture, pot plants,… get the picture. I am glad I am not a house cat. I have the freedom to roam as long as daddy or mummy let me outside. Not special cat door here. I have servants that let me in or out πŸ™€

Well it has been a good week this week at DR TOOT. Two beautiful Yamaha wooden clarinets have found a new home and today a Yamaha Custom (also beautiful) trumpet has found a home. At DR TOOT, we take great care to find wonderful tidy musical instruments that we import, pre-loved from Japan. When they arrive, Masaru, Taka and daddy service them so that they are in excellent playing condition for our customers. Mummy spends countless hours looking for the best instruments possible. Remember, that if you are looking for a special instrument for yourself and we don’t have it in stock, then please contact mummy and she will find one for you at a great price. She is good at that 😎

I am told that two instruments should be arriving tomorrow, but that will be for Alfa to share. This week was a short week for Taka. He had Thursday and Friday off work as part of his annual leave. He will have tomorrow off too. Taka went to Wellington and I am looking forward to hear how things were for him there. Masaru worked very hard this week on a Selmer Centered Tone Clarinet. He did a complete overhaul on it and did an amazing job. The instrument was made in 1955 and I don’t believe that it has ever had a service. The customer should receive it tomorrow and I know that he will be very happy !

Last night, Alfa and I weren’t very happy. Mummy and daddy went out for dinner leaving me again in charge in looking after Alfa. The problem was that there were Fireworks going off all the time and it was very scary. People were celebrating Guy Fawkes night and Halloween. Very noisy and not nice. It’s time to go inside now and cool myself down after a lovely day in the sun. Be good and happy !!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Don’t mess with a tabby !?

As my big sis, Zara mentioned in her last blog, we stayed at the Loft (our cattery) last Saturday and came back home Sunday afternoon.

I suffered a bit of “other cats hissed me” syndrome…It was the Labour Day here on Monday and quiet, so I went to mummy and daddy’s bed room and had a loooong morning catnap under the blankie – that was gooooood J

Then, in the afternoon, a father and a daughter visited us – the girl, who is learning saxophone for a year and renting an alto sax, wanted to try our pre-loved saxophones. She tried the Yamaha YAS280 and YAS480 alto saxes and they liked the sound of YAS480. So, they left with the alto sax ! I greeted them personally myself and thank them gratefully…yes, I am a PA of mummy J

Tuesday, it was a good to see Masaru and Taka again at DR TOOT J They seemed to have had a wonderful long weekend.

Wednesday, we saw a familiar face…a lady with a flute visited us. She was a mother of ex-student. Daddy used to teach her daughter flute, and she wanted to play it again. Her mother brought her old flute for service. Taka and daddy looked at the flute and it was a beyond of economical repair. Then, daddy showed her one of our pre-loved flutes. Taka played it at the front of her – she liked it and left with two flutes (old & new one) …we hope that her daughter enjoys playing a flute again !

The DR TOOT Team has a monthly meeting, which is on the last Friday of a month. So, we had a meeting on Friday. Masaru, Taka, mummy and daddy have a breakfast together and discuss about a few things…and Zara and I are listing…not sleeping J

Some instruments have arrived for repairs and services, including a major work on Selmer Paris SA80 tenor sax (Platinum Service) and bunch of instruments from one of schools in Auckland. It sounds like very busy week ahead of the Team !

For our feline friends in the USA, “Happy National Cat Day !!!” from Zara and Alfa in New Zealand JJJ

Sunday, 22 October 2017

I love routine.

In the mornings, I wake up. Sort Alfa out and lay the law for the day. Quick breakfast then outside, then back again for biscuits and a rub from daddy out of respect. Then I get comfortable on my black large cushion on my cream soft rug. Either one, it’s time for my morning snooze and meditation time….puuuurrrrrrr. 😴

Everyday is about the same and I make sure that I save my energy for all the important things that happen around me. This week things changed…… Monday to Friday was just as usual. Saturday mornings breakfast was like every other morning breakfast, but after breakfast, Alfa and I were whisked into our travel cages and taken to the Loft to stay the day, night and most of today in. This was because, mummy and daddy went off to Rotorua and didn’t want to take us. They said that we couldn’t stay in the hotel and that the travel time was too long. I don’t like change. It was very nice there as usual, but I don’t feel comfortable meeting other cats, who are lower rank than me and Alfa was happy to meet other cats, but they hissed and growled at her, so the Loft put Alfa back in her cage. For her own safety, if you know what I mean……

A couple of instruments found new homes under my watch this week. They were a Buffet B12 Clarinet and a Yamaha YAS62 Alto Sax. Everybody is happy. I went upstairs with mummy and noticed that we have an enormous collection of saxophones. Soprano, altos and tenors. They are all looking for homes, Can you help? A beautiful Yamaha YAS 82Z Yamaha professional alto sax arrived from Japan on Thursday and it too is looking for a place to live and feel useful. So shiny and it was great to hear Taka tested it on Friday and mummy recording Taka for our Facebook and Instagram.  Speaking of playing…Two Briccialdi Intermediate flutes also arrived on Monday and were professionally set up by Taka. Taka checked them over and recorded them so that you can hear them on our Facebook too.

Masaru this week too has been very busy, Many clarinets and saxophones have seen his handy work this week. But for Masaru, it has been a short week as he took Thursday and Friday off work. On Friday it was his birthday and Alfa and me and the team wished him happy birthday on his Facebook. Mummy made him a birthday cheese cake on Wednesday and we all sang Happy Birthday πŸŽ΅πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Mummy and daddy too have been busy, but they are always very busy. Time to go now and get ready for part two of my dinner. Tomorrow is Labour Day so mummy and daddy will be around all day and not working . This means that they will have all day free to play with me !!?? 😸

Sunday, 15 October 2017

I see the light !

Meow, Monday seems always busy at DR TOOT ! Mummy wrapped up some orders which were made during the weekend – our accessories go around New Zealand 😊

I kicked off a very good Monday - One of flutes, Yamaha YFL311 has found a new home in Dunedin via Trade Me. A very newish Yamaha alto sax YAS380 which arrived last Saturday, has already found a new home in Picton ! Taka has just serviced it and it went out our door 😎

Lots of things arrived from oversea too. More pads were delivered to us from Italy…Speaking of Italy, two more Briccialdi flutes (Intermediate Model 1849) arrived safely ! Also, baritone sax cases, a soprano sax case and clarinet case arrived from Jakob Winter in Germany ! 

We have now a good stock level of saxophones, clarinets and flutes….so, if you are thinking to upgrade or give up renting…etc., please contact mummy or daddy !

The DR TOOT Team was minus Masaru on Thursday and Friday (He was taking his annual leave) and will be back to work tomorrow. We saw him Friday night though….he came to see us to join his pre-birthday dinner – it is on the 20th, next Friday πŸ™€

This morning, Zara and I had a flea & warms treatment, nails cut and brushing. Sorry, daddy….I scratched your arm, hehehehe….I was a bit unhappy about my nails were cut, even mummy was gentle.

It’s certainly getting warmer and brighter….longer day. I am a still house cat….even after the incident a few weeks ago. I am chasing light beams from daddy’s mobile phone or mummy’s watch…sometime I catch…but sometime I miss. I do my best πŸ˜‰

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Rain, rain, go away!!

What is it with this weather ? Morning is a little sunny, then cloudy, then rain, then sunshine. Daddy says that it reminds him of Vancouver. Our house is pretty multi-national. Daddy was born in B.C. Canada but now lives in New Zealand. Daddy’s mum was from New Zealand, so that’s the connection. Mummy was born in Japan but now also lives in New Zealand. Mummy has lived in many places around the world including Italy. In our home you can hear many different languages. I think it is very exciting πŸ˜€

Speaking of Italy…..As Alfa mentioned, we are the proud importers and suppliers of the Italian made flutes, Briccialdi. It is so funny hearing daddy trying to say Briccialdi. Mummy gets cross with him as she can say it so beautifully. Well, on Monday, we sold our first Briccialdi flute. It has gone to a young girl here in Auckland. This flute features a solid silver headjoint, open hole keys, offset G with Split E. It also features, French Pointed keys with a B Foot Joint. She will be very very happy with her new flute. Congratulations to me for selling the first Italian Briccialdi flute in New Zealand 😎

This week has seen many repairs done by daddy, Masaru and Taka. One of the repairs done by Masaru was a Yamaha YCL450 Clarinet. Masaru did a Platinum Service, (Complete Overhaul ) on this clarinet. This customer is one of my biggest fans and she reads my blog all the time. She will be thrilled that I mentioned her in this blog !

Many saxophone, clarinet and flute repairs and service have been done this week and the boys seem to have caught up with the repairs. It is good that all the repairs so far are all caught up as we received another batch of instruments from Japan for stock on Saturday morning. They include a Yamaha Trumpet, 800 series in silver plate finish, a Yamaha YAS 380 Alto sax and a YCL650 Wooden Clarinet. All of these are in amazing condition and will soon be looking for new homes.

Well the sun is out…hahaha, for a little while, so I will go outside and get my vitamin D intake. It’s good for my fur and enhances my natural beauty. We are in a new month with new adventures ahead. Bring on summer and see less of this crazy weather. 😼