Sunday, 20 May 2018

Royalty is in the air…and it’s not just me !

It’s my turn again to share our ups and downs and to share once again my advice and wisdom. I know that there are many out there that are starved of knowledge and advice and have for wait 2 weeks till it’s my turn to care and share. Alfa’s turn was last week, and you get the usual waffle she says. It’s nice but, well, you know…..😸

Our daddy has been up and about this week with his music. On Wednesday night it was Howick Brass Band with only 9 weeks to go till the National Festival where top bands from all around New Zealand will be challenging for the top spots. On Thursday and Friday evening, daddy was in rehearsals with Manakau Symphony Orchestra. Daddy had a great tuba part in Tchykovsky Symphony 6. He played in every movement and worked very hard. The concert was on Saturday night. Yes…another night without my daddy

The shop has been pretty busy with sales of accessories and repairs. Mummy as always has been busy in the office with Alfa checking orders sitting in from of the screen making sure all is right. As Alfa mentioned, we are now the agent for Silverstein Works ligatures and accessories. These products are all made in the USA. 

A friend of daddies came in on Monday and tried and bought a Silverstein clarinet ligature. He was very happy on how the ligature helped the reed resonate and helped make a more beautiful sound. On Friday a gentleman came in to buy 2 saxophone stands and ended up with 2 saxophone stands and a brand new Selmer Paris Series III Tenor Sax. Wow!!!!! All of this happened on my watch….of course 😎 This sale made mummy and daddy very very happy 😊

Nothing has happened yet, but we have been getting emails and phone call from Australia, regarding a certain Kanstul Trumpet. Watch this space. Keeping with Australia, we had a phone call from Australia regarding our Silverstein Omniguard. Yes, she order one and it will be sent to Australia first thing tomorrow morning. Wow…..what a week……Zara’s watch πŸ™€

We have also a great news on Thursday ! In the evening, we received an email from Immigration NZ...Yes, Taka has now got a 3 years work visa !!! Congrats, Taka from the team ! We cerebrated on the picture shows πŸ˜‹

Daddy’s concert wasn’t the only thing that happened on Saturday night. Prince Harry married his American sweetheart at Windsor Castle. I couldn’t make it there as I had another engagement but I with mummy and Alfa were able to watch it LIVE on the telly. Such a beautiful dress and such a handsome prince. I cried. Little Zara tears you know. I thought Harry would pick me, but the distance was too much and I had to let him go. My subjects out there mean so much to me. I give up a lot for you, because I love you. Until next time…..😺😺😺

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Happy Mother’s Day !!!

I and my big sis, Zara requested daddy to spoil mummy for Mother’s Day today…so, hopefully mummy had a very good day πŸŽ‰ We wish all human and animal mothers out there had a great day !!!😺

Well, this week was another busy days at DR TOOT ! My small brain hurts…tries to remember everything is impossible…hehehe.😸

Tuesday, we have received new products from Silverstein Works in USA, which are now available in NZ for the first time….of course, from DR TOOT ! They are some fancy silver ligatures (like me J) and lip protectors which are new to market !

Wednesday, daddy went out in the morning and came back afternoon – his human daughter, Kathryn had a graduation ceremony….again ! This time was the Master Degree with first class honors from the University of Auckland….ummmm, just like me, so clever !

The same day, one of customers contacted mummy and daddy about two pre-loved instruments in stock. The customer lives in Dunedin and purchased a pre-loved Yamaha trumpet from us before. This time, he wanted the Conn 10M tenor sax and the Buffet E11 clarinet. The next day, they have left for the new home and should be arriving there tomorrow ! Zara and I were saying that daddy should go out more πŸ™€

This week, I was caught by mummy that I was spraying in the bath room where me and Zara sleep at night time. Daddy said to mummy that “only male cats do that..Alfa’s confused !”….Daddy, you are WRONG !!! Even female cats do spraying πŸ˜‰ I just wanted to show my mummy that the poo box is mine…not Zara’s !!! 😼

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Its Brass Banding Time Again…

Good evening to all my fellow watchers, beautiful cats and cat servants. I love days like this. Cool crisp days with the winter sun. Alfa and I love to follow the suns rays on the carpet. I hop onto the couch and lay on my blanket. Alfa goes to her bed and crawls under her blanket, giving her privacy and a warm cubby house. Its sleep, rest, eat, rest, sleep, eat…..well you get the system. We are not lazy, just economical with our energy πŸ™€

As Alfa mentioned, the KANSTUL instruments arrived in the country and a few people have been lucky enough to try them. Today, daddy took a KANSTUL trombone to the rehearsal and the trombone players and brass players really loved the sound, tuning and response. Daddy has been really impressed with the instruments and top musicians are really impressed with the quality. If you are someone that seeks quality in your instrument, then you can’t go past a KANSTUL😎

This week we had a few deliveries of instruments. This week we received 5 Briccaildi model 203 flutes from Italy. We also received a Selmer Paris Series III Alto Sax from France. At DR TOOT, we are pretty international 😊 Flutes from Italy, Clarinets and saxophones from France and brass instruments from America. Alfa has some exciting news about another new agency from America that she will share with you this week ! 

It is only right that I share with you that we are celebrating that our blog has been going since 2009. I was there...Alfa wasn’t even born and had no clue 😸 It's 2018 and she still has no clue😸 That’s Alfa. Anyways……we look forward and look at our growth. Brass Band Contesting Rehearsals are in full swing and daddy split his day up playing with Howick Brass Band this morning and MSO this afternoon. We will be seeing less of daddy as he heavily involves himself with banding. Please feel my pain..πŸ™€. Have a great week everybody and I will think of you all.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Kanstul…it’s All about Sound !

It was so funny to see daddy was so excited with Kanstul 😸 Since our first order has left LAX, he was chasing up online everyday. The big parcel was flown by Air Tahiti Nui, which means it stopped over in Tahiti…wow ! Anyway, the parcel was landed in Auckland International Airport last Sunday.
Mummy had been contacting with the NZ Post Broker Team and we had to wait for a few days for the customs clearance. 

It was Anzac Day on Wednesday, so we had to wait till Thursday. Daddy had  a few personal phone call from the Broker Team (Thanks, the Team !) and finally he had a “Go Sign” for the collection around 10.00am (originally told that it would be after 1.00pm!). So, he rushed to the airport and arrived back with a big parcel !!! Mummy and daddy opened up the parcel which contained a beautiful silver plated cornet, two trumpets, a flugelhorn and a trombone….and some mouthpieces….and a gift from Kanstul which was a book about Zig Kanstul who is a father of Jack !

Taka and a few of our customers who are brass players have already tried the instruments and everyone commented that easy to blow, very nice sound and resonates ! Daddy is so happy to receive the very good feedback - Yes, all about sound 😎  Zara and I wish that all instruments will find a new home soon in NZ ! BTW, DR TOOT is now listed as a dealer on the Kanstul website…cool πŸ™€

As I mentioned earlier, it was Anzac Day and day off on Wednesday. Daddy played the tuba with Howick Brass Band twice at the services. It was a huge crowd !

It’s the last week of the school holidays, and it was quiet saleswise but it has been very busy with repairs. Lots of instruments keeps arriving in from all over NZ. I didn’t make a big sale this week…or I didn’t copy Zara but the last student model of Briccialdi flute has found a new home in Papakura 😊
More flutes will be arriving from Italy in a few days, and also the Selmer Paris Series lll alto sax is due to arrive in a few day at DR TOOT…never dull moment πŸ˜‰

Hope that everyone had a awesome weekend…the new school term starts tomorrow – Be kind to unkind cats, hehehehe…that’s all from me, Alfa, Princess Alfa 😺😺😺

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Kanstul is so close…yet so far…

The big silver bird has landed at 12.50pm at Auckland International Airport. Inside this big silver bird is our first shipment of Kanstul Brass Instruments. Hopefully we will see them here tomorrow. Daddy has been making such a fuss over this and it is driving me crazy ! He should be spending his time with me and thinking about my needs instead of thinking about a bunch of instruments and accessories. Anyways, I am sure Alfa will fill you in on all the hallabaloo of the instruments 😼

Well, week one of the school holidays has come and gone. The phone kept ringing and customers kept coming!! Many instruments were fixed and picked up and many, many, more are still yet to come 😎 It’s not easy to rest when you have strangers coming and going all day. The strangest one of course is the one that lives here all the time…ALFAπŸ™€  She is such a delicate beast. In more than one way. This morning, mummy gave us each our flee protection drops. There are no more than a couple of drops placed on the back of our heads. I hardly notice this but Alfa goes crazy when she feels the drops. I mean really???

The boys and daddy have been very busy in the shop and mummy has been busy dispatching instruments and sales. Taka has been a busy boy on flutes, saxophones and an amazing work on an old French horn. Masaru has been busy on clarinets and saxophones. Daddy has been busy on trombones and bossing everybody and looking busy.😸 Please don’t tell him I said that. As I said before, mummy has been busy in the office running all things “DR TOOT”. This week I sold another Briccicaldi flute. We are running low again as these flutes are very popular. It’s a good thing that another shipment will be leaving soon from Italy. Bene, bene, bene 😊😊😊

I’m sorry this is so short but I am a little sleepy and need to get back to my mat for a nap. I’m also sorry that it will be Alfa that shares the news with you about Kanstul. That’s life. I love you all and I know all of you love and adore me 😊 Your Queen…ZARA 😽

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Stay warm and dry...and Happy Tooting !

This week started as a beautiful autumn day here in Howick, Auckland….but it last only one day !

The next day, Tuesday, storm came suddenly. There was so heavy rain and strong wind !!! Zara and I did not like it at all. All trees and roses were swinging in the rain….Even Zara didn’t want to go outside…it means that I had to share my poo box with her. I think she is getting old and uses my poo box a lot lately 😿

Well, back to the business, one of our long term customers visited us and she purchased a newly arrived Yamaha tenor sax YTS62 with G1 neck 😊 She plays a soprano sax and alto sax and wanted to buy a tenor sax this time. She could not believe that the saxophone was pre-loved…it was like new 😎

Some brand new Briccialdi flutes arrived safely from Italy on Monday. One of Student Model flutes has already found a new home in Tauranga and left here after Taka checked over, set up and tested πŸ™€

The Team has been very busy going through lots of instruments. Masaru has been working on clarinets, Taka has been working on flutes and both are busy with saxophones. Daddy has been working on lots of brass instruments, and also cleaning and polishing instruments’ body and keys for the boys…Team work is important and key here…it is maybe lacking between me and Zara…ha !

Heavy rains, thunderstorms, lightning…we have gone through a lot this week. Mummy told me and Zara that some houses in Auckland still don’t have power. I, Princess Alfa, hope that all cats out there are fine and survived in the horrible weather 😺

Well, that’s about I think. School holidays have just started and the repairs still keep coming in. If your instrument needs a little TLC., now is a good time to see daddy and the boys. Stay dry till next time ! 😊😊😊

Sunday, 8 April 2018

We all have our moments…

Honestly, hasn’t Alfa anything better to talk about then my body motions??? Yes, I read Alfa’s blog from last week and she mentioned that I had a minor poo accident in my travel cage, to and from the cat hotel. As you all know, I am not a house cat. I travel far and wide to visit my people, cats and numerous fans. I really do not like using Alfa’s personal toilet. When we left early on Friday (Good Friday), I wasn’t ready and with all the excitement…..a little something from me..poooo, was left by me in my cage. Mummy and daddy came to pick me and Alfa on Monday, (Easter Monday), and again with all the excitement I left a little deposit in my cage. It was not necessary for Alfa to mention this to the world!!! I am not happy. If you didn’t read Alfa’s comments last week, then please ignore what I just wrote 😸

Well, here we go. As I mentioned, mummy and daddy picked us up from the cat hotel on Monday as they drove back from New Plymouth where they sponsored this years Classical Saxophone School. We were so happy to see them and I showed daddy how much I love him and how much I missed him. There is no place like home. My own bed…food dish and daddy's lap πŸ™€

On Tuesday morning, Daddy’s student came by with his grand daughter to pick up a flute that was previously bought from us a few weeks ago. She was so excited to have a new Briccialdi flute and delighted us all with some beautiful tunes. I love seeing the happy faces of customers after they have received an instrument from DR TOOT 😊😊😊. It’s a very common sight. It must have been a week for flutes because on Thursday a pre-loved Jupiter flute from DR TOOT has found a new home in Tauranga. Its all happening here under my watch 😽

The boys and daddy have been crazy busy with repairs. Many saxophones, flutes and clarinets repairs have been done. Just as well because on Tuesday 2 Yamaha tenor saxophones and 1 Buffet and 1 Yamaha clarinets also arrived as stock. One of the tenor saxophones have already found a home. No time ever wasted at DR TOOT !

Time to go. Very exciting news coming in a couple of weeks which I am looking forward to sharing with you. Meow for now....Queen Zara 😺😺😺